I feel a moral obligation to be completely transparent and let you know that I am shedding like a Husky in spring. I mean ever since I got vaccinated, the stuff just comes off me in billowing clouds. Think Pig Pen in Peanuts. Some days it’s so thick that you can see it collecting in places — on my shoulders, like the worst case of dandruff, and in my belly button, like lint.

I try to be careful. I really do! Long sleeves, long pants, a hat, and a mask. Of course as you know, well-researched studies have shown that masks weaken the lungs to the extent that people have dropped dead from wearing them. I know this is true because someone who does her own research told me. But I wear a mask anyway to protect you, the unvaccinated.

No matter what I do, though, I still shed in waves that can make people who are awake and unvaccinated itch all over. One woman who sat next to me on an airplane immediately broke into hives. Poor thing spent the rest of the flight raking at her crotch beneath her open tray table.

Anyhoo! Enough about that! Just wanted to warn y’all. Shedding: It’s a thing and I do it. So anti-vaxxers, for your own health and safety, please keep your distance!

Love and Light,


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